About Brutal Paint

Brutal Paint, a young french self-built miniature painting company, born from passion and efforts !

Created by our painter and founder Jean-Sébastien Perret (AKA “JS”), Brutal Paint was born in february 2021 after a painful work accident had put an unfortunate end to his blooming carreer in masonry. Looking for a way to start something new that could be compatible with his now-degraded health and the COVID-19 pandemic, JS then had the brilliant idea to transform his great passion, being wargame and miniature painting, into his new full-time job. Since then, every day smells like acrylic paint, and even if the required efforts to this kind of enterprise’s success couldn’t be measured, we give our very best each day to realize this dream and bring satisfaction to our customers!

Our Values

– 100% transparent, free and open communication with our clients
Quality work, whatever the required finish level: simple doesn’t mean sloppy!
Honest and realistic prices, adapted to your ambitions
– More than a job or a service: a passion

The two faces behind Brutal Paint Brutal Paint

JS, extreme painter

Brutal Paint’s Founder and executive artist, forever-passionate of wargame, metal music and FPS videogames, JS will always favor your satisfaction above his own interests. In fact, sometimes a little too much as would say his beloved one!

Always looking for new painting techniques, wishing to imprive his skills on a daily basis, he loves making his customers benefit from his twenty years of experience in miniature painting, and will gladly realize all your projects!

Honest and direct man with a heavy countryside french accent, he’s not the kind of guy to make unrealizable promises: to work with JS is to guarantee yourself a total transparency!

Vox, voice of passion

JS’s childhood friend who twenty years ago introduced him to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming until I finally decided recently to join him in the Brutal Paint adventure, I am Vox, Community Manager and Webmaster of this company !

Since JS needed to find someone to deal with the too-time-consuming details like the social media management, the website creation and communication with the customers along with the quotation making, I am now very pleased to ensure these roles and be in touch with you all! So don’t hesitate to reach us, I can’t wait to talk and share wih you!

Have a Project in mind?

We are here to help you bring all your miniature painting dreams to life! Simply contact us to discover what we can do together!