What our clients say

Your opinions are extremely precious for us!

Here we published all the comments and ratings we received from those who sent us some after any completed commission. For every one of them, a click on the little picture on the side will give you an idea of the service that has been sold!

One of Virgil's five Imperial Knights, painted by Brutal Paint

Very well painted miniatures, with a custom scheme I asked. The freehand was good ans clear. Burtal Paint’ very arranging on both price and timing. I recommend!”

– Virgil Vilija

Tor Garadon, the charismatic leader guiding Pierre's Imperial Fists to battle

“Thanks Brutal Paint for this awesome job, the army is really cool to look at!”

– Pierre Zanelli

A deadly exosuit from Kevin's Tau army, ready to spread the Greater Good!

I’m very satisfied of Brutal Paint. My request has been completed quickly and my painting requirements followed. Contact was easy and I have often been updated with progress pictures. And all of these for a very decent price!

– Kevin “Zagato” F.

Four half-trolls from Vince's Umbar (Lord of the Rings) army!

“Brutal Paint have painted two orders for me and it was perfect. They followed my custom color schemes, my wishes, and stayed super-available. So I strongly recommend! I will soon even have a new painting project for them…”

– Vince Shell

Very talented and always open to his customers’ needs, it was a real pleasure to take some painting lessons with Brutal Paint’s painter, JS. Now I know who I’m gonna call if I ever need a painting service!”

– Mathieu Debarats

A little glimpse of Samuel's Skaven army!

Completely matching my requirements and even more! Very reactive, skillful, and arranging. They communicate through all the project from the beginning to the end.
I strongly recommend!

– Samuel Vors

Overall view of Adrien's 24 Super Fantasy Brawl heroes!

A team that takes care of you! I reached theses badasses during march 2022 for a Super Fantasy Brawl quotation, received it two days later, and they performed it in a quite reasonable timelapse (24 miniatures painted in around 20 days). Pictures have been shared with me during all the creative process, allowing me to criticize or accept the each paint job, and varnished has only been applied after my final approval. Anyway, I’m recommending Brutal Paint for their communication, delays, prices, paintjob and finish quality, and most of all, the community manager’s tireless good mood! 🙂

– Adrien Marocchini

Little insight of the work performed by Brutal Paint on Remi's Lord of Change

I ordered painting services for a Skarbrand, a Be’lakor and even an entire Nurgle army including a Great Unclean One and 2 Start Collecting, and despite the all different custom color schemes, Brutal Paint has beautifully reached my expectations. I particularly appreciated their work on my Lord of Change with starry wings.

– Rémi Bourdin

One of the relentless giants from the army of Elros, ranked player of the game A Song of Ice and Fire !

Ten years ago I already thought that JS, Brutal Paint’s main artist, was good. So now that he’s become professional, with continuous improvements, he’s just getting even better ! I trust him entirely for my freefolk army that I bring in all tournaments in North-East of France!”

– Julien “Elros” B.