Welcome to Brutal Paint!

Looking for a professional miniature painter that will let all your favorite models show their whole potential and actually shine on the battlefield, for the best price in town? Well, you’re at the right place! Now relax, open your pretty eyes, and get ready to drink the delicious tears of jealousy from your opponents’ cheeks!
We’re Brutal Paint. We’re french (baguette, omelette du fromage, hon hon hon), we’re passionate, and we got your back!

Our Oath

At Brutal Paint, we only have one mission: make our customers happy while providing them with the best possible service at the best possible price.

Each project is unique

That’s why for every request, we take the time to look closely at our customers’ needs and desires, in order to direct them to the service that best suits them. Our offers are fully customizable, so that none of our quotes are alike : Everything is possible!

Transparency and communication

When you’re hiring us for a painting project, we make a point of keeping you updated of its evolution by periodically sending you pictures, at each key step. That way, if at any point you’re noticing anything that you dislike or steps away from your requirements, you are able to let us know and discuss it with us! Thus, no risk to be disappointed when your freshly painted and varnished precious miniatures get back to you!

We can help you in so many ways!

Are you tired of playing your favorite wargame with only sad unpainted plastic-grey models? Did you do the best you could painting your entire army but still want your most memorable miniatures (army leaders for example) to really stand out by their beauty? Or could you be at the contrary desiring to learn the fantastic art of miniature painting and looking for a friendly and easy-going teacher to help you improve, step by step?
Don’t panick, we’re here!
Whatever the need that brings you to us, be sure our professional team knows how fix your misfortunes! For the best price, and whether it is for a painting service or for lessons (face to face or on webcam), offer yourself our skills that we developped for over 20 years of passion in roleplaying and wargaming, and focus on what matters most to you!

Want to know more?

We feel you! Actually, that’s simple. Just browse this website: make yourself at home!

In the “Services” section, you’ll find the complete illustrated list of our offers.

The “Ratings” part contains a lot of opinions from previous customers that trusted us with their miniatures!

If you click “About us“, you’ll discover the faces that hide behind Brutal Paint. Mysterious? Nah…

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Finally, in “Contact“, there’s everything you need to reach us! A quotation request? A question for us? You know where to go!

Let us live this incredible hobby together!

Are you interested in joining our friendly community of players and painters and share your passion with us?

Nothing simpler! Just below, you’ll find icon links to all the networks we use! Instagram, Facebook, even our own Discord server, there must be one to suit you! From time to time, we’ll even take part in some of our friends’ livestreams, or come to some french-speaking conventions! So stay tuned!

Whether you’re one of our customers of not, just remember that you’ll always be welcome. All that matters, is passion!